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Perfect for property developers and mobility planners

Gain a holistic overview of today's transport patterns and their footprint with mobility data

Are you facing challenges in quantifying the impact of your mobility and transport initiatives?


Is your goal to promote green transition within a specific area, but you need data to know where to implement effective measures?


Achieve your climate goals and reverse the transport pyramid with an integrated solution

In collaboration with Telia, Kogenta, and Geodata, we offer extensive mobility data that revolutionise your understanding of transport dynamics in selected areas.

Well-informed decisions can accelerate the transition to a sustainable society - and data is the key. Unlock access to travel patterns and evaluate the climate impact as you change mobility for the better. Our data provides insights into current climate and transportation trends, allowing you to document the impact of your actions and support meaningful progress towards your climate and societal objectives.

Understand current situations, implement measures and see your impact

Together as the market's only provider of integrated mobility data at this level of detail, we offer you the opportunity to observe up-to-date, anonymised travel patterns.

Incorporate these insights into your mapping systems, such as Geodata, to gain the overview needed to identify, prioritise, and implement targeted measures. Monitor the impact of these measures over time with our monthly dataset updates.

What do you get?

Travel Patterns

Gain insights into the average resident's travel habits using various modes of transportation in each neighbourhood.

Location Data

View the number of travellers using different modes of transportation in and out of an area.

Climate Data

Explore the average carbon footprint per resident and the carbon accounts for journeys to and from an area.

Supplementary Data

Combine data with information on demographics, infrastructure, and travel along various routes, among other factors, for all neighbourhoods.


The data can be delivered through established geodata systems or directly to you via API or Excel, depending on your needs.

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