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Turn climate efforts from a solo struggle into something fun, collaborative and engaging

Is it challenging engaging employees in your organisation's sustainability strategy? 
Let’s change that! 
Ducky Challenge - the game where you compete in taking climate action

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have taken climate action



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Try the Ducky Challenge

A digital competition that helps you raise climate awareness and educate your colleagues in a fun and engaging bottom-up approach

The Ducky Challenge dashboard, see the impact of small actions for the climate

Why use the Ducky Challenge?

Let the Challenge build your sustainability culture

Unite your organisation with fun and educational competitions where the team with the top CO₂e reductions wins. 


Simply get your annual access, set up your competitions and invite colleagues with just a few clicks.

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Spark engagement with tailored competitions

Select from a variety of activities within four challenge topics: Food waste, Climate action, Climate action at work, and Plastic reduction. 

Test out different competitions and turn climate actions into playful adventures that make a real difference!



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See how conversations shift to sustainability topics

The competitions are developed based on climate data and research within psychology and communication theory. This makes it simple and inspiring to take steps towards climate action.


Get results to spice up your climate reports

Leverage a science-based Challenge for your reduction strategy with a dashboard and end report to track and summarise your impact.


Enrich your CSRD/ESG reporting with employee engagement and training insights.


Why engage your team in sustainability?

Lead the way to quicker results

Unify HR and sustainability efforts, fostering cross-departmental collaboration within your organisation for impactful climate action. Getting your team educated and excited about sustainability is key to hitting your targets faster. When everyone’s in on the climate mission, your climate objectives transform from individual tasks to a shared mission.

Gain benefits from conscious employees

Engaged employees are more likely to favour climate measures, generate new ideas, and be more involved in sustainability goals.

Make a global impact together

The power of collective action is undeniable. IPCC underscores this, stating, "Actions that lead to reduced or changed demand by individuals can reduce emissions by 40-70% by 2050." (UN Climate Panel WGIII-Report, 2022, p. TS-98, line 12). You contribute to a global movement towards a more sustainable future by rallying your team.

Hear from those who made the leap

With 600 committed employees now on board, our journey towards deeper climate strategy implementation has never been more supported.

Ørjan Kongsvik Aall SWECO  1
Ørjan Kongsvik Aall


In isolation, the climate and environmental challenges of the world can seem a bit overwhelming, but the app succeeds in breaking it down, motivating, and not least recognising that what each individual does matters a lot.

Mari Svendsen KLP 1
Mari Svendsen


The competition sparked an unprecedented wave of sustainability engagement across our company, turning climate action into the hot topic of discussion.

Bjørnar Vestvik, GE-konsernet 1
Bjørnar Vestvik

Gudbrandsdal Energi AS

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Are you ready to raise climate awareness and take action?

To learn more and see a demo, contact us today. Let's make climate action fun! 

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Sofie Bjørkøy
Bogdan Glogovac