The sustainability journey all businesses and organisations need to make is complex, too long, and not fun at all.

What if we could change that?

Turn everyday actions into a fun and easy game


Create and manage your own climate competitions

Empower your employees, partners, or competitors towards a more sustainable lifestyle with the Climate Campaign Manager.
Set up recurring competitions and variate between climate footprint, food waste, and plastic consumption topics.


Learn the personal and collective impact of your actions

Use our platform developed with recognised climate psychology research and discover the impact of simple daily actions.
Track the collaborative efforts of your teams and understand your collective impact with fun visualisations and a helpful end report.

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Build climate culture in your organisation while having fun

Notice how the dialogues shift towards initiatives that benefit the environment.
Empower your people to take ownership of their climate impact and witness the positive impact it can have on your overall climate strategy.

Actions that lead to reduced or changed demand by individuals can reduce emissions by 40-70% by 2050 - Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)

I really enjoyed it and am now a committed vegetarian after following two weeks.

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Challenge participant

The competition started a wave of engagement for sustainability in our company. Efforts for the climate were almost the only thing we talked about these 14 days!

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Challenge participant


You become so much more observant and ergo more environmentally conscious in everyday life - and also get a belief that you can make a difference to the climate.

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Challenge participant


See the impact you could make

213,165 kgCO₂e avoided

Future in Our Hands' last competition in October engaged 1820 people.
If everyone in Norway did the same as the participants did in the Challenge, Norway's total climate emissions could be reduced by 34%.

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215,257 kgCO₂e avoided

Global Action Plan Ireland invited their network to three different challenges this year! In total, they engaged 2769 people to take climate action into their own hands.
Their Funds Industry Climate Challenge won Silver at the inaugural All Ireland Sustainability Awards!

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148,000 kgCO₂e avoided

Trondheim Municipality arranged their Challenge in September 2022 and engaged over 3000 employees!
To provide information and inspiration for their participants, they made a webpage where tips and statistics were shared, leading to an average of 49 kilos of CO₂e saved per person!

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In 2022 our customers avoided 1,266 tonnes CO₂e. That’s the same as would be emitted by a plane flying 126 times around the earth!

Join us and increase these figures.


Frequently asked questions

How does the Climate Campaign Manager work?


Set up a competition easily in your organisation in 4 steps:
1. Define details such as competition name, dates, and activities.
2. Set up your teams.
3. Invite participants to your competition.
4. Track competition impact live in your dashboard.

How many times can I set up a competition during a year?


As many as you want! During your license period, set up as many competitions as you wish and vary between climate footprint, food waste, and plastic consumption topics.

Is there a recommended competition length?


We recommend having competitions between 10 and 14 days. The reason is that we've seen that the engagement will last for a certain period. Rather than having long competitions - have many short ones to keep the interest up.

What data is used in the CO₂e competitions?


As a main rule, the CO₂e savings in the activities are compared to the average person. Everyone involved saves the same amount of CO₂e for a given behavior.

Does it matter what country we are in?


Datasets are currently available for Norway, Japan and the UK. This means that our calculations are based on country-specific emissions and local statistical data. It is possible to use one of these datasets wherever you are.


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