Your climate competition
Discover concrete ways for you and your team mates to reduce CO₂ emissions and make climate action part of your everyday life. Easy and effective habits - at home and at work.

Challenge 2

Team building

As part of a team participants compete to save as much CO2e as possible for a designated amount of time in your organisation - perfect for team-building and rolling out internal sustainability goals.


Challenge 1

Easy-to-do actions

The platform contains 30+ activities around the four main areas of individual emissions; Transport, Food, Consumption and Energy. Using leading aggregated climate data and LCA analysis per activity to make the learning accurate.

Challenge 3

End Report

Ducky Challenge includes an end-report with the total CO2e saved in your organisation. Average reduction for a company equals a reduction between 20-30% of national CO2e, if every citizen lived like your employees. What the individual does, together, matters!

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a tool to raise CO2 footprint awareness and build a sustainable culture, that you also could use to communicate your sustainable efforts?

That is why we have developed Ducky Challenge!

Ducky Challenge is a gamified, research based engagement platform that aims to engage employees, create awareness and build a sustainable culture within companies and organisations.

Enter a Challenge and have participants in your organisation join a tournament where they compete in teams, engaging in low emission activities. The team with the least CO2 emissions at the end of the period wins!


What we have going on right now.


What our customers say.

"I believe our employees think it's both fun and useful to participate in Klimakonurransen. It made a big difference on the social environment at our workplace."

"Participation in Klimakonkurransen is about building competence and an engaged culture where we talk together about sustainability, climate, environment and what we can do."

"Using tasks from the teaching plan as an interdisciplinary plan in the subjects Norwegian, English and Science, together with the Climate Championship was absolutely essential to get such good results."

I am wondering...

How are the activities calculated?

As a main rule the CO2e savings in a Ducky challenge are calculated by comparing a given activity with an average person’s behavior. Since the CO2e savings in the activities are compared to the average, everyone involved saves the same amount of CO2e for a given behavior.

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Is it safe? How will our data be processed?

We secure the personal information you provide on computer servers in a controlled, secure environment, protected from unauthorized access, use or disclosure. All personal information is protected using appropriate physical, technical and organizational measures. You give us personal information when you visit our landing pages, create an account and use the Ducky Challenge.

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How much time will this take?

The Ducky Challenge itself is usually run over a two-week period.

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We are not in Norway. Can we still do it?

Our climate activities and their respective dataset in the Ducky Challenge are available in Norwegian, English (UK), and Japanese. Please contact us if you would like to run a Ducky Challenge under these conditions.

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I am not an organisation, school or business. Can I do still do it?

The Ducky Challenge is a team-based competition which gives the best result when many participants are joining and can wield peer pressure. That's why we strongly recommend to arrange a Ducky Challenge by following a specific group structure and dynamics. Please contact us if you would like to submit your request.

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How do I log in to my Challenge?

In order to use Ducky's tools - for example our footprint calculator or our climate campaigns - you have to register an account. The account can be used to join other campaigns in the future.

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