Our calculations by sector

Our goal is to provide all the data and calculations you need to quantify your sustainable impact. We’re constantly adding more data to support more use cases.

We provide digital footprint tools for:


Our state-of-the-art food database via RISE contains 1200 different types of food, and we’ve incorporated waste data from Norsus and Matvett.


Our in-house model estimates household energy use taking into account key factors such as user behaviour, household type, heating energy source etc. We update the footprint of electricity production on a monthly basis using real production numbers from Eurostat and emissions factors from the IPCC.

Sustainability education

Help your users understand carbon footprint with our comprehensive footprint calculator. Pick and mix between 49 inputs to design a calculator focusing on the topic of your choosing - we’ll provide defaults based on the best possible assumptions for any questions not covered.

Green products and circular business models

We curate a database of 180 (and counting!) different product types, and calculate the impact of circular actions like repairing, renting and buying used. 

Accounting and reporting

We provide the footprint of purchases in over 50 different categories, localized in 6 different countries.


We calculate the footprint of 26 different modes of transport, taking into account both the production emissions of the vehicles and the direct emissions during use. Our partnership with Telia allows us to identify mobility trends and patterns in Nordic countries with unprecedented precision.

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Our data sources

Ducky’s applied research experts curate, compile and update all the necessary data for footprint calculations and communication.

Our data comes from:

  • cutting-edge peer-review literature
  • the world’s most detailed environmentally-extended multi-regional input-output database, Exiobase
  • national and international statistical agencies like SSB and Eurostat
  • collaboration with partners such as RISE and Telia
  • Rise
  • Telia

We continuously update our factors and calculations with the newest data


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