Worried about climate change? Let's tackle it together!

Everyone can contribute to reduced climate emissions - every single day.

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It’s not the climate that needs fixing. It’s us.
We only have a decade in which to slash global carbon emissions to avoid catastrophic warming. And we're not moving fast enough. But what if we could give you a set of tools which would make a real difference on both an individual and organizational level?
How does it work?
Ducky combines established behavioral science, fun and technology to mobilize individuals and organizations to take direct action.


Increase awareness of personal impact
Use our tools to set your starting point by measuring current carbon footprint, attitudes, and knowledge about personal impact. Uncover the barriers that prevent change from happening.





Improve behavior with collective action
Work together and compete to reduce carbon emissions by improving daily activities. The benefit of many people competing to reduce CO2 easily translates into significant emission reductions for organizations.






Keep track of your improved behavior
See where you have saved the most and where more work is needed. At the end of each campaign marvel at how much good you’ve achieved.





Communicate and visualize in real-time
Ducky is built around immediate feedback, and delivers concrete results that help create true hero stories. These achievements generate real engagement, and highlight how small actions can deliver huge results.

Not a part of an organization? See your footprint!
These organizations have used Ducky to get real results.
The level of participation and engagement in our internal challenge was way above our expectations. I really believe the Ducky platform is exactly what we need to demonstrate the positive effect of us all working together.
Anders Lennartsson, Sustainability Manager IKEA Norway
Ducky is a ‘profit for good’ company - backed by a non-profit foundation - which was formed in 2014 to address the climate crisis and threats to the environment.