Zero Emission Citizen

Get a consumption-based climate reading for the inhabitants of your municipality.

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Sustainable consumption and production is about doing more with less resources. Today we consume much more than what is sustainable for the planet.
To ensure decent living conditions for current and future generations, everyone must change their lifestyle.
Today climate statistics ignore a large part of Norwegian personal emissions.

What is the problem?

Today we consume much more than what is sustainable for the planet. According to the UN’s sustainability goals, by 2030 we need to achieve sustainable consumption and production patterns (SDG 12). For that we all need to change our lifestyles.

Why is it important?

Today, Norwegian consumption is not part of the official climate statistics. This is despite the fact that the inhabitants of a municipality have a personal footprint that can be up to 15 times larger than direct emissions from municipality activities.

Vi trenger et verktøy som viser hva vårt forbruk utgjør i faktisk utslipp.

Zero Emission Citizen

We are now developing new and advanced measurement methods for sustainable development (SDG 17.9). By developing an advanced climate calculator for personal emissions, we will track and display citizen’s indirect emissions in a specific web portal for the public sector.


We must all change our lifestyles to ensure decent living conditions for current and future generations (SDG 12).

By 2030, we must ensure that people across the world have relevant information, an understanding of sustainable development and a way of life that is in harmony with nature. This means reducing the use of resources, environmental damage and climate emissions as a society and individually. To achieve this, the climate cost for each individual must be made visible. Today, these emissions are invisible.

Zero Emission Citizen
Zero Emission Citizen

In the Zero Emission Citizen (ZEC) project, we are developing new and advanced measurement methods for sustainable development (SDG 17.9). Using anonymous data from banking transactions, the energy industry’s public registers and citizen’s own information, we will calculate accurate and up – to – date personal climate emissions for the inhabitants using our advanced climate calculator. We will make this data available to participating municipalities in a specialised web portal.

The Norwegian Research Council has allocated NOK 12 million for the Zero Emission Citizen project, which Ducky is carrying out together with Asplan Viak and TietoEvry.

Our goal is to create a world class tool for achieving the UN’s sustainability goals. Data on citizens’ emissions will be made available in a specific online portal for the public sector. In addition to climate data, municipalities will have access to Ducky’s climate campaigns to inspire citizen involvement.

Together with our partners, we will develop a powerful tool that helps the world reach its climate goals.

Zero Emission Citizen

“It’s very difficult to work on emission reduction without the right numbers. Existing statistics are only available on a national level, and it’s hard to break them down to a municipality level.”

— says Bente Støa, Climate Adviser Asker Municipality

Data sources and methodology

Data from public registers are combined with each citizen’s own information and data from their personal activities to provide accurate personal emissions. These numbers will continuously improve with new data sources.

Banking transactions

We use data from citizen’s banking transactions.

National Data

Public registries

We use data from public registers.

Energy Consumption

Energy consumption

We use accurate data from the inhabitant’s smart electricity meters.

Citizen Surveys

Citizen Surveys

We send out surveys to the inhabitants.

Our partners

Ducky is collaborating with leading experts to develop the world’s most advanced climate calculator. Our common goal is to create an effective tool in the fight to achieve the UN’s climate and sustainability goals.

Development partners

"Profit for good" founded to cope with climate change and associated threats to the environment.

Asplan Viak AS

Leading consulting firm for climate accounting at county and municipal level.


Specialist in data storage, security and analysis.

Business partners

Central Norway's leading financial group and part of the SpareBank 1 alliance.


Norway's leading electricity supplier.

Municipality partners

These municipalities have taken on the green leadership jersey as demo municipalities for the citizen’s portal.

The municipality of Asker
The municipality of Vestlandet
Kinn kommune
The municipality of Stordal
Stavanger kommune
The municipality of Vestlandet
The municipality of Viken
Gloppen kommune
The municipality of Innlandet
Sunnfjord kommune
“Ducky will develop an advanced climate calculator to measure citizen footprint, and visualize these emissions in a web portal for municipalities. Once this is visible for each of us, and you can compare yourself to others, it can trigger a lot of creativity and will to act!”
Per Espen StoknesPsychologist and politician

Early Bird Deals

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What is included in the offer?

 Get access to a beta version of the citizen platform with local climate data for 12 months after launch (estimated for January 2021).

 Receive regular newsletters with tips from neighboring municipalities and progress in development.

 Regular feature upgrades based on user feedback to improve the citizen portal experience.

 Get support to plan activities to reduce resident’s footprints.

 Improve your climate results by setting targets for indirect emissions for your municipality.

 Send a signal to local politicians that they cannot just take into account emissions from their own territory.

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