Ducky for education

Inspire tomorrow’s leaders today

Build knowledge
Engage students with sustainable action, knowledge and collaboration.
Fun & easy teaching
Ducky provides learning material that makes sustainability fun and easy to teach.
Reach goals
Involve students and staff in ongoing environmental programs and goals.
Ducky Teaching Package
Learning materials to build sustainability competence in your school.
Create a baseline
Students learn about and investigate the impact of their lifestyles with our interactive footprint calculator.
Learn more about the Ducky Footprint Calculator >>
Build knowledge
Entertaining educational films and tasks introduce students to the impact they have on the planet.
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Boost engagement in sustainability
Challenge your students to try out and learn new climate actions together in a school championship.
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Ready to run a Climate Championship in your school?
Over two weeks classes compete to save carbon emissions by doing everyday sustainable activities.
You’re in good company
These schools have already started with Ducky to get real results:
In relation to trying to engage individuals in climate action, I have felt like I have been digging with my hands, and have really needed a shovel. And now, through Ducky I have been given an excavator!
Ida Fuchs, Project Leader, Trøndelag District County
Feature by feature
What’s included in the package?
Footprint calculator
Personal footprint
Track the source of your own impact by measuring personal footprint within energy, food, transport, purchase and share of public emissions.
Personal improvement
Improve your personal impact by exploring different sets of climate friendly lifestyles.
Reach climate goals
Practice your new lifestyle, inspire others and help reaching global climate goals.
Based on Leading Research
Our data and calculations have been developed in collaboration with world-leading researchers on climate data.
Knowledge base
Teaching manual
Guide for how to make teaching more interactive, inclusive and fun.
Fun and educational movies from Ducky lets you understand your personal impact and how to take action to reach climate goals!
Reflection tasks
Challenge yourself and your class through a set of tasks related to footprint calculator, videos and the climate championship.
School championship
Easy-to-do actions
Simple and highly effective actions for you to take on in your everyday life.
Compete in teams
Work together against other teams and see who can reduce their carbon footprint the most?
See the bigger picture
Gain insights into how numerous small initiatives can combine to make larger environmental impacts
Insights for each activity
See how much CO₂ can be saved by each activity, and learn why they are important.
Simple visualisations
Gain knowledge about emission and CO₂ savings, with simple visualisations everyone can understand.
Immediate feedback
Follow the progress of the competition LIVE with real-time visualisations.
Custom actions
Want to focus on particular themes or activities? We’ll help you customize actions suitable for your needs.
Quick and easy setup
Just decide on the number of teams and participants you want. No more admin work, we’ll do the rest.
Why this works
Our tools are built on research
It’s social
A challenge is social. Working together in teams makes trying out new actions fun and easy!
Signals on your behaviour
See progress when it happens! Real-time data updates you whenever there's progress on your team!
Learn by doing
Learning about actions and testing them out at the same time make you absorb knowledge faster.
Meaningful actions
Carrying out actions that is for the greater good is meaningful, making us more proud of our workplace.
Step by step
Real lifestyle changes start with small steps. Build new habits one small step at the time.
Influence by action
Our attitudes are reflected by those we identify with, making our everyday teams the perfect starting point for change.
Ready to get started?
Get started with a Climate Challenge, or get in touch with us to learn about your options.
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