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NM in climate for VGS

Dear school contact!

On this page you will find everything you need to complete a climate championship at your high school!

Now it’s about inspiring students and staff at your school. With good preparation, it is entirely possible to create a lot of commitment. And the very best is if the students themselves take ownership of the project! We therefore recommend inviting students and teachers to an NM team already now.

NM in climate is also a great opportunity to create commitment around teaching in line with the subject renewal.

Main categories:

  1. Milestones in the championship
  2. Learn more about carrying out the project
  3. Download material to engage participants
  4. Teaching materials
  5. Educational films
The world is changing. We must do the same.

Milestones in the championship

To-do list

Download list

Use this list to keep track of important details during the planning of NM 2021.

Involve climate motivators in the project

Watch movie

In this film, students from Firda give their best tips for creating engagement at school. We recommend giving students ownership of the project and involving them from the start!

Upload team lists

By December 10th

Link to team set up

Via this link you will go directly to the page where you will fill in information and upload team lists.

Invite participants

You can invite participants as soon as you receive login details from Ducky. This usually happens a couple of weeks in advance of the competition. Download the invitation below or customize your own email inviting you to join.

Complete kick-off presentation

Learn more

We recommend that all schools have their own kick-off for a unified start. Let the students take part in this, preferably the Russian board, the student council or other committed students. We also encourage team leaders to hold kick-offs in each classroom on the start day.

Competition start

Week 4 2021

Campaign page

Follow the competition via the campaign page and Live screens at the school. Now it’s about creating as much fuss as possible!

(reports from Ducky)

One week after the championship, we send two different reports: one for your school with everything you have achieved, and a comprehensive report for all schools that have participated. This contains detailed information and fun visualizations.

Closing ceremony

We recommend arranging a closing ceremony to celebrate the results together. Feel free to invite the local media and the mayor to the event to make the participants happy!

Learn more about carrying out the project

How does a climate challenge work?

Watch movie
This film shows how the logging of activities takes place.

Set up teams

Learn more

On this page you will find tips on how to set up teams. Remember that everyone at the school must be registered regardless of whether they are to participate or not. This is to get the right participation rate for your school.

Communication plan

Blogpost from Strinda High School

Communicating participation among the school’s students and teachers is an important success factor. Winner of NM 2020 shares some experiences in this article.

Competition criteria

The competition is about achieving more than 50% participation for the whole school, and saving as much CO2 as possible on average per participant. The points are not included in the results, but can be a fun challenge internally in the classes.

Live screen – show the results in real time

In good time before the competition starts, we send a link to the Live screen that can be used on the school’s common areas. We recommend using it actively during the challenge as a reminder to participants to log activities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more

In this article you will find questions and answers about the climate challenge.

Digital workshop

Watch on YouTube

In October, Rogaland County Municipality arranged a digital workshop for school contacts. Get good tips on implementation and tips from the winning school during NM 2020.

Facebook group

Link to facebook group

In “Sustainability educators” you can stay up to date and be inspired by other teachers who have participated in the NM in climate and who work with sustainability in school. The group currently consists of 300 members.

Download material to engage participants

NM and climate logo

Download logo

Use the logo in your own presentations or posters.

Kick-off presentation

Download presentation

Involve the students in the kick-off, as this is a great opportunity to give the students ownership of the project.

Invitation to the participants

Download invitation

Invite students and staff a few weeks before the start of the competition.


Download poster

Make a copy of this Google document to print this climate hero poster.

Tips for creating engagement

Download presentation

Learn some tips on how to engage others during the championship.

Diploma for the best team

Download diploma

Give a diploma to the best team at your school! This one you can be creative with: who else can you premiere? Best teacher? Most engaged student? Most engaged on social media?

Teaching materials

Check your footprint

Climate calculator

Download task

Ducky’s climate calculator allows you to calculate your footprint easily. Virtually all the fields in the calculator are pre-filled based on the Norwegian average, so if you are unsure of any of what you are asked about, you can leave the fields unchanged. You can go back and update later, and check how your footprint changes over time.

Anne’s journey

Download task

Download text file

Is it possible to reach a sustainable society? Through a story, you can follow Anne’s journey and experience how her actions lead to a great change in society. You will also be invited to start your own journey by finding your personal footprint and reflecting on your motivation to change your own habits.

Climate detective

Download task

In this assignment, you will take on the role of a climate detective, and put your family under the microscope. Follow yourself for a whole week, and analyze both your own and your family’s behavior.

The tree of knowledge

Link to the teaching plan

The purpose of the Knowledge Tree is to engage, investigate, explain, expand and evaluate. The material is designed to inspire more sustainable projects in schools.

Educational films

Per Espen Stoknes on climate psychology and climate communication

Watch the series at NRK school

Why do we do so little when we know so much? 10 episodes that can be used in teaching

The big little life on the farm

Watch film on NRK

John and Molly move to the countryside to run an organic small farm. But they soon discover that farming in harmony with nature is not so simple. Documentary, 1 hour 27 min.

Circular economy

Watch movie here

Film and teaching program from Loop environmental school in collaboration with NRK school.

Thank you for the rain

Watch movie here

Seven years ago, Kisilu, a Kenyan farmer, began using his camera to capture the life of his family, the village and the damage caused by climate change. When a violent storm brings him and a Norwegian filmmaker together, we see him transform from a father, into a community leader to a global activist.

Climate Doom (ENG)

Watch movie here

This video is part of a series on climate change supported by Breakthrough Energy – a coalition founded by Bill Gates, which works to expand clean energy investments and support innovations that will lead the world to net zero carbon emissions.

Vi engasjerer og motiverer mennesker med vårt kampanjeverktøy

Become a climate hero!

No one can do everything. But everyone can do a little!


“Ducky has contributed and created greater awareness around our habits. Sustainable habits have become long-term habits for us. ”

– Isak Daleg Haseth, student Strinda vgs

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