The Potato Award: Reloaded

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Industry: Creative Agency

Location: Perth, Australia

Number of co-workers: 8

A brand and experience agency – for a brighter future

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Anthologie is driven by purposeful brands: “who believe commercial success and positive social impact are cut from the same business strategy. Doing good while doing well is the new smart, and now is the time for it.”

While that message resonates well with what they are doing as a business, it’s supported by a team of all around passionate folks who want to make a positive difference in the world.

And things got pretty competitive when their team went head to head in a three week Ducky Climate Challenge.

We love a good challenge. We also love any opportunity to do some good for our planet, by helping to adopt a more sustainable way of life.
Matteo DiCapua
Creative Lead, Anthologie

No more couch potatoes!

…was the tagline of their climate challenge and they were ready to kick some ass for the environment and sustainability. And go, go, go they went the little hot potatoes!

Anthologie already had monthly climate initiatives in place when they contacted us to run a climate challenge. Matteo had been appointed the company’s climate lead, and was looking for a solution that could crown April’s climate champion of the month.

The Potato Award: Reloaded went on for three weeks, with two teams competing against each other to make the highest number of climate-friendly choices each day (and the least amount of carbon emissions). And what an amazing contribution they made to the climate!

As a small team with only 8 employees, Matteo made sure everyone was together before the challenge started. He decided to launch the challenge in a joint meeting they normally have every Friday. And to set the teams up for success it was important to clarify what Ducky was and what the expectations were. The challenge kicked-off the following Monday.

There were a few things Matteo was looking for when he wanted to engage the team in a brand new climate initiative:

  • Measure their impact in exact numbers,
  • Starting a positive conversation about climate change,
  • and raising awareness for what individuals can achieve, on their own and together.

The main benefit was that: as a project leader Matteo didn’t have to lead the initiative all by himself, but could invite everyone to participate on one platform with their individual efforts. In this way everyone could follow how they progressed toward goal – in real-time.

Anthologie designed their own cover image as a personal touch on their challenge.

Read their blog post Anthologie goes Ducky for sustainability.

The challenge is a fun way to get competitive, but it’s also pushing our team to work together to help save our planet from unnecessary carbon emissions.
Amy Sutton
Founder and Director, Anthologie




Climate actions logged


Kg CO2e saved

Teams ‘Climax’ and ‘Tomorrow, Bitch’ battled it out to be crowned Anthologies April sustainability champions.

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