The Climate Challenge started with a ROAR!

Success Story | Klimabrølet 2019

Companies: Øya Barnehage, Bergans, Eplehuset, RiksTV, Kommunalbanken, Holte Consulting, E.C Dahls, Solid Square, Netlight and Sweco.

Total number of employees: 1501

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A kindergarten took first place in Norway’s first unofficial Climate Championship for companies and beat both Eplehuset and Sweco in emission reductions.

On the 30th of August, thousands of people around Norway roared for political action for the climate. For ten companies this wasn’t enough. They followed the roar with a two-week Climate Championship.

«We will continue to inspire both customers and employees to contribute as much as possible for a sustainable everyday life, and use this opportunity to challenge all companies that don’t have this on their agenda to wake up!», says brand director and co-owner Marius Brevik in Eplehuset.

In my time in Sweco, this has been the biggest multidisciplinary activity that we have ever done. This means that, I as a sustainability manager, have 600 engaged coworkers that I can involve when we will implement further initiatives in our sustainability strategy.
Ørjan Kongsvik Aall
Sustainability Manager, Sweco

Norway’s first Climate Championship for companies

The companies have competed internally and externally in cutting their CO2-emissions with simple actions every day. Through choosing vegetarian instead of meat, bike instead of car, services instead of products 1501 participants managed to save an incredible 88 423 kilo of CO2e.

«This is probably the first time a competition like this have been arranged in Norway,» says Mads Simonsen in Ducky, who organized the Championship in close collaboration with Klimabrølet.

And the winner is…

Øya kindergarten from Trondheim pulled off a solid win with 120 kilos of CO2e saved per person during the two week long competition. This was the second time they participated in a Climate Championship and had 100 percent participation.

«It’s definitely been extra motivating to compete against other climate engaged companies in Norway. Most of us recognize that the savings and activities reported during the competition, is roughly the same as the routines and habits we already have, and that’s a great feeling,» says Anette Marie Syvertsen-Wiig, who describes the Championship as a great success.

She continues to tell that several employees have challenged themselves even more in this period by cutting all meat from their diet, replacing public transport with bike and fixing broken things.

Kommunalbanken and Solidsquare secured second and third place.

3736 Co2e- reducing activities

The Championship was engaging says adm. dir. Gunnar Heesch Holmen in Holte Consulting.

«During the Championship we registered an incredible 3736 CO2-reducing activities. We have gained an insight into how we can make more climate-friendly choices every day, which contributes positively to our work on reducing climate emissions. The internal competition has been though, and the results actually turned during the last hour of the competition!

It was an easy decision for us to make to participate in both Klimabrølet and the Climate Challenge. The engagement has been fantastic and many great stories about change and inspiration for a more sustainable everyday have emerged internally.
Marius Brevik
Brand Director and Co-owner, Eplehuset



122 663

Climate actions logged

88 423

Kg CO2e saved

10 companies competed to reduce their CO2e-emissions in 2 weeks.

Wide participation

Sweco participated with a total of 600 participants:

«In my time in Sweco, this has been the biggest multidisciplinary activity that we have ever done. This means that, I as a sustainability manager, have 600 engaged coworkers that I can involve when we will implement further initiatives in our sustainability manager,» says Ørjan Aall, Sustainability manager in Sweco.

Clothes swap and vegetarian food

«People talk about sustainability and climate-friendly activities all the time. KBN-employees have shown huge engagement in the Championship, and I am really proud of my work place,» says Julie Berg, Communication Advisor in KBN, who at the same time want to challenge every Norwegian financial institution to run their own Ducky-Challenge.

Participants in the Championship was Sweco Norway, Bergans, Øya Barnehage, Kommunalbanken, Holte Consulting, Solidsquare, Eplehuset, RiksTV, Netlight and Eplehuset.

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