A company where everyone is a leader.

We believe that all companies should only exist to meet societal needs. When a company is guided by these needs, the traditional hierarchy is no longer required.

We are a purpose driven company

In Ducky, our common purpose is contributing to a sustainable planet, and as co-workers we trust each other to perform all the tasks on our way because we follow our passion, and not because we are told to do so. We work toward positive societal change every day, and through collaboration we create amazing services and profit used to maximize our social value.

A meaningful workplace

When we started Ducky in 2014 we wanted an organisational structure that in itself impacts the world positively. A model that supports the innovation and creation of real, continuous change favoring a sustainable planet. A workplace that empowers us to follow up on ideas and initiatives we are passionate about. Ducky’s company objectives are important, but more important are the ideas, creativity and dedication of each employee working to achieve those objectives.

If you want to implement some of the same principles in your own organisation, this page will guide you in the right direction.

Once you’ve worked for a company where you can follow your passion, do what you love and flourish, you’ll never go back to working for the man ever again!
Wayne BamfordCo-worker, Ducky

Key principles of self-organisation

Principle 1

We are all leaders

At Ducky we are encourage to follow up on our initiatives, work on the tasks we are passionate about and acquire the knowledge we need to be the best version of ourself. We work in teams and seek advice when making decisions.

Principle 2

Follow the purpose1

Our purpose is to contribute toward a sustainable planet. Detailed directions cannot be taken only based on our purpose, but it ensures a common set of values for all co-workers which gives us a set of principles we can use for everyday collaboration and decision-making.

Principle 3

Your whole self at work

We must trust each other to be efficient. We don’t do things contrary to our inner sense of right and wrong, and we are happy to share both good and bad experiences and feelings with our co-workers.

Reinventing organisations

The organisations of the future

The guidelines for how any company can be more efficient by replacing leaders and hierarchy with purpose and passion. Many companies have already succeeded and we have no doubt that this is the future way of organising companies or organisations. Get inspiration and advice on:


Growing as self-organized teams

Together with our mentor Bonnitta Roy and her framework the Open Participatory Organization (OPO), we divide ourselves into semi-autonomous units called locations. Each location contains a maximum of 16 co-workers, and there is a close cooperation between them. Each location have distinct focus areas, it’s own set of sub-values and ways to organize.

Profit for good

A social entrepreneurship with big ambitions

Ducky is registered as a stock company with statutes that resembles a foundation. In this way, all profit goes back to improve our existing products and services, or goes into new initiatives that drives sustainability. This organisational model is an effective way of solving societal challenges, with the maximum social return on investment. Buying our products not only brings value to your company in terms of sustainability, but also works as investments for further solutions that will benefit the world.


How do you make decisions?
One of the reasons why a self-managing organisation is much more flexible and efficient is that decisions can be made much faster and with much better insight than those going through traditional hierarchical approval processes. The general principle is that any of us can make any decision, yet we must consult all of those who are impacted by the decision. We do not need consensus, but make decisions based on consent, meaning that any decision can be made as long as there is no good argument against it. The idea is to make many small decisions quickly, and iterate as quickly as possible
Is it really scalable?
In the book Reinventing Organisations by Frederic Laloux several large companies and organisations are described as extremely successful. One of the most interesting is the Dutch health care provider Buurtzorg which started in 2007 and has grown to be 850 teams and more than 10 000 nurses in ten years. Their client satisfaction rates are the highest of any healthcare organisation. Staff commitment and contentedness is reflected in Buurtzorg’s title of Best Employer (4 out of the last 5 years). And impressive financial savings have been made. Ernst & Young documented savings of around 40 percent to the Dutch health care system.
How do you get all tasks done?

Instead of a boss we rely on something much more powerful: utilising a mixture of intrinsic motivation, peer-pressure and market demands.

  • 1. Intrinsic motivation arises when our values and beliefs are aligned, and we are empowered to work in teams with our co-workers to develop our ideas into solutions and services.
  • 2. Peer pressure is enabled by absolute transparency of information – all teams know how others are performing, and we support each other while we at the same time are held responsible for our actions.
  • 3. As all of us are informed on how the organisation is doing and at the same time empowered to follow our instincts we are flexible to adjust our services according to market demands.
How are finances allocated?
In Ducky our financial data is transparent to everybody, and all co-workers thereby know our flexibility towards hiring new people and follow up on expensive ideas. We choose our own salaries which are then balanced between our personal needs and available resources in the company. In this way we do not spend much time in making plans and budget but spend money organically based on our needs and opportunities.

Have more questions?

Please do not hesitate to ask us for more information! We’d love to share more of our story with you.

The quickest way to societal sustainability

Placing profit to serve the purpose

By reinvesting profits back into the business, to serve the purpose, we’ve built ourselves a framework that scales sustainability – fast

Better jobs - for more people

By placing profits back into the company, we are able to hire the right people and scale faster. It helps us improve current products and develop new ones. It helps us reach sustainability. Faster.

Innovative culture

We’re building an organization that embrace co-worker initiatives and place profits to serve it’s purpose. This way we create a culture where we can harness efficient and great ideas favoring sustainability.

Greater benefits

By reinvesting profits back into the company, serving the purpose, we are able to equate social, economical and ecological sustainability in our organization.

Want to start a similar organisation?

Have a start-up idea? Curious about creating a similar workplace? Start by reading our co-worker handbook, and feel free to copy the content!