Do you want to become an impact investor in Ducky?

Ducky has developed some of the world’s most innovative tools to measure, educate and mobilise people to take action on carbon sustainability.

We only have a decade in which to slash global carbon emissions to avoid catastrophic warming. At Ducky we are working flat out to deliver products that inspire people and organisations to take direct action to reduce their footprint. Our tools, which include an innovative web app and real-time monitoring, are designed to be fun and educational – and they really WORK!

Team members, ambassadors, and customers share why they believe Ducky is important for mobilising people in their organisation to take climate action.

Businesses, education, and municipalities across Norway have now used our tools to change behavior, inspire a shift in lifestyle and work towards a greener, more prosperous future. The Ducky tools have been put to work energising thousands of students and employees to reduce their collective carbon footprint, and we’ve only just started on our mission. Now we’re going global! Which is where you come in.

What we need from you

A Ducky investor is more than a financial supporter. You will be a key ambassador for our journey to mobilise the world to change. We can’t do it alone, just as governments can’t act without the support of their citizens. By investing in Ducky you will be helping us to spread the message around the globe. We want to take advantage of the inquiries that are already arriving in our inbox from the U.K, Europe, Asia, the USA and beyond.

Our Mission

Our goal is simple. We want to act as a catalyst to get people taking immediate action to tackle their carbon footprint. Switching off one light may be trivial, but if we can mobilise millions to do it with our tools, then magic things happen. By using sophisticated ‘nudge’ technology and carefully gathered research, we know we can make a real difference at an individual and organisational level. Will you help us?

The Road So Far And The Road Going Forward


Ducky is founded in September 2014 and the three founders start a collaboration with renowned climate psychologist Christian Klöckner, Professor of Social Psychology and Quantitative Methods at the Institute of Psychology, Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU).

Ducky joins the “Folkets Klimaforskning” research project from NTNU and gains access to ground-breaking new carbon calculation algorithms that highlight individual climate emissions more accurately and reliably than traditional methods.


Product prototyping and development.


Lands major climate challenge contract with IKEA Norway.

Begins collaboration with world-leading business coach Bonitta Roy to develop a more resilient and scalable organisational model, based on extracting the full holistic potential from team members.


Runs new climate project with IKEA’s employees and customers in Norway.

Runs Trøndersk Climate Championship between high schools in Trøndelag.

Mentioned in Per Espen Stoknes’ climate communication TED Talk which gains more than 1 million views. New sales inquiries arrive from all over the world.

Restructures platform to the latest web-technology for scaling across multiple markets and geographies.


Invited to join the prestigious accelerator program Katapult. Works towards developing a highly targeted strategic and tactical model to scale the business over the coming years.

Win more market proving contracts from corporate clients such as KLP Bank, Ruter, and Sweco. These organisations successfully use Ducky tools to engage their employees and customers in carbon mitigation programs.

Inspired by the success from a very successful first Ducky Climate Championship, Trøndelag municipality chooses to run another school championship, this time along with the Telemark county council.

Ducky increases headcount to cope with additional demand and offer improved customer support services.


NTNU will engage their employees with new Ducky tools to significantly reduce their transport emissions.

We signed a contract to engage citizens in 6 counties in the eastern parts of Norway. This campaign portal can be distributed to ambitious counties/smart cities after this pilot.

A national climate championship will be launched between high schools in Norway. Several district counties have already committed to join. Also pilots with schools in Finland and Sweden will be done.

The Union of the Baltics has decided they want to use Ducky to engage citizens in 100 cities across 10 countries. A pilot will be run during their main conference autumn 2019 to explore how this can be scaled.

Ducky achieves gross sales profitability and becomes financially self-supporting. Is acknowledged as a leading platform for climate engagement in Norway by several stakeholder organisations and users.

International climate data will be implemented.


Rápid international growth


Ducky reaches 10 million global users!

Our product and service line-up

We deliver a range of digital climate mitigation tools that offer education and emission reduction programs for organisations of all sizes. Our tools deliver real results and data for environmental programs.


Identifies a starting point by measuring current footprint, behavior potential, attitudes and knowledge within a specific organisational climate category (e.g. transport or energy).

Climate Championship

Three week team-based competition to reduce carbon emissions by improving everyday activities.

Climate Data API

Delivering live climate data visuals to be displayed on any website to communicate success stories.

What customers are saying about Ducky

Watch their videos and read their success stories

What do our customers think about us? Øya kindergarten, Ruter and NTNU share why they chose Ducky and how it helped them.

Success stories

Read more about their experiences with Ducky in these stories:

The National School Climate Championship 2020

The National School Climate Championship 2020

The National Schools Championship this January saw eleven counties, fifty one schools and over 11,000 students compete. Participants saved enough CO2e in two weeks to roughly equal to driving a fossil car 2.5 round trips from the Earth to Moon. But most importantly the championship once again proved that no matter how young or old you are, you can do something to help with climate change.

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The Plastic Challenge

The Plastic Challenge

If all Norwegians copied what the participants in The Plastic Challenge did, we would have reduced plastic bags by more than 10 million, single use coffee cups (and lids) by more than 1 million and picked up more than 260 tons of plastic – in just two weeks.

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Alcoa Climate Championship 2019

Alcoa Climate Championship 2019

FEE Norway and Green Flag ran the Alcoa-Klimamesterskap 2019. In two weeks pupils at 7 high schools in Agder and Nordland reduced Co2e-emissions equivalent to a passenger flight flying 3 times around the earth.

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Climate Shout 2019

Climate Shout 2019

A kindergarten took first place in Norway’s first unofficial Climate Championship. On the 30th of August, thousands of people around Norway shouted for political action for the climate. For ten companies this wasn’t enough, and followed with a two-week Championship.

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NTNU Travel Pledge 2019

NTNU Travel Pledge 2019

Night-train to Oslo? Bike to work? Or on foot home from a fotball match? Some took things further than others when NTNU started their one year Ducky Campaign this spring, to motivate their employees to travel less and more environmentally-friendly.

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Why customers use Ducky

Ducky tools offer the easiest, fastest and most reliable way to instigate organisational change in thinking and culture. In addition:

  • The organisation’s commitment to sustainability is perceived as meaningful, which increases employee engagement, satisfaction and intrinsic motivation at work.
  • Research-based data collection helps organisations identify the most effective measures they can implement to achieve their climate goals.
  • Employees start talking about sustainability in the workplace, which leads to an improved work culture. This also increases the likelihood of improved innovation and productivity.
  • Ducky delivers concrete results that help create true participant stories. These achievements provide invaluable support to the organisation’s reputation and morale in the current media climate.
  • Organisations save money on reduced consumption. Participants exhibit an average improvement of 32% more sustainable behavior after a championship.
  • It’s quick, easy and cheap to carry out a climate engagement with Ducky. No need to hire expensive consultants to implement expensive emission auditing projects.

In total, approximately 15 000 people have participated in competitions on the platform, with an average of 56% voluntary participation. This shows that we not only reach the part of the population that is already sustainably conscious and engaged but also to that proportion who may not yet be that way inclined.

What investors are saying about Ducky

Luis Paulsen, impact investor and backer of doing good shares why he chooses to invest in Ducky and where he sees the company in 5 years.

Ducky owners and ownership structure

We look at ourselves as a “profit-for-good” company. We are organised as a stock company where the majority owner – Ducky Impact Fund AS – retains founding control. Other owners join us as impact investors who agree to use their future profits to create positive change.

Current ownership

The Ducky impact Fund AS currently owns 92% of Ducky AS. The Katapult Accelerator owns 8% of Ducky AS.

Strategy for dividend and exit

Our aim is for the owners of Ducky AS to manage future profits so as to focus on projects that have a positive impact. We are firm believers in the idea of Green Prosperity. As there are low fixed costs associated with operating a SaaS company, compared to the huge revenue potential, solid profits are expected when Ducky becomes a major global player. Already in 2020, a surplus is expected, along with further exponential growth.

Our goal is to start paying out dividends in 3 to 5 years when the income is large enough to maintain the growth of the company despite the payment outflow. We then intend to repay investors in the form of dividends over a successive 3 year period.

In addition, it is expected that the value of Ducky’s shares will increase rapidly in line with its growth. The Ducky Impact Fund AS will be the long-term majority share owner, to ensure that the fundamental values of Ducky are maintained.

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