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In this article you will get a quick overview of what a live screen is.

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Before your challenge starts you will receive a URL to a live screen specific to your challenge, and if you press that link you’ll see something like this:


Once the challenge starts this screen provides live updates. We recommend using this screen actively during the challenge as a physical reminder for your participants. Use the URL on the latest version of Google Chrome, and show it on a screen where you know a lot of participants will notice it.



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Live Screen Usage Requirements


The purpose of the Ducky campaign live screen is to provide organisations with live statistics about their Ducky campaign which can be shown on an automated statistics board in public places such as reception areas, break rooms or cafeterias. This helps to engage campaign participants and keep them focused and updated during the campaign. 

The Ducky campaign live screen operates automatically without any user interaction. The viewer is presented with simple and understandable statistics and information about an ongoing campaign. The statistics shown continually rotate and automatically update so the viewer is fed with the latest information. Each day a new set of statistics is presented to the viewer to keep the content new and interesting.


In order for organisations to use Ducky’s live screen implementation they require a digital bulletin board in a public area. Otherwise, an alternative is having a public screen connected to a computer to display the content. 

The live screen is delivered as a web application through an URL. If using a software to manage a public live screen, it is necessary that this URL can be added to your software for it to run correctly. Many of these softwares only support static content such as image files or video, which are not compatible with the live screen. Moreover, the live screen requires constant access to the internet to automatically refresh and show the latest information and statistics. 

  • The live screen expects a landscape window orientation. For best results a 16:9 aspect ratio is recommended.
  • There are no sound requirements of the livescreen.


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