Host A Kick-Off

In this article you will find a guide on how to host a kick-off for the participants.

Are you ready to introduce Ducky to your entire team? Host a kick-off event to get the rest of your team onboard!


A kick-off is a great opportunity to do something social with your team and set the direction together. Ideally, you are able to gather everyone in one place or with a video conference. Maybe you can combine it with already planned events, like Monday meetings? Alternatively, let all team-leaders host their own kick-off events with their teams.

We recommend you to start the Kick-Off by explaining why you want to focus more on sustainability and the purpose of participating in this campaign.

Here are some additional talking points you can add to the mix:

  • Introduce the Climate Challenge – What is it? Who can join? When is it happening?
  • Log into the Challenge Platform and get started together.
  • Make sure you have the Live Screen up and running so that you can see the activities you log in real time.
  • Provide participants with resources such as how to join a campaign, how to compete, and the winning criteria. People are bound to ask you if they can join on mobile, so be sure to link them here!
  • Take a team photo and share it to tell others that you have started the Challenge.
  • If there are prizes for your Challenge, this is a great moment to share what they are.

Are you gathering all your teams for a Kick-Off?

  • An inspiring guest speaker is always a good way to create engagement.

Want some tips on how you can create engagement?

Any questions?

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