FAQ about Ducky Campaigns

In this article we will present frequently asked questions about our climate campaigns.

Joining a campaign with team codes

Q: Why do I need an invitation code?

If you are accessing a campaign via a URL/link the campaign owner may have decided to use codes to make sure you are participating in the correct team. Each code gives access to a specific team. Your project/team leader will be able to give you your code.

If you are accessing a campaign via ducky.eco but don’t think your campaign includes access with a code, then you may have been invited to access via a particular URL/link. Try that URL/link instead. If you do not have this either then please contact your project/team leader. 

Climate Challenge

Q: Why do I need a section and team?

In order to participate in a climate challenge as part of a climate campaign, you must be part of a section and team.

  • A section is a group of teams competing. In a campaign, a section compete against other sections. If you see a dropdown asking you to ‘choose section’, you can expect to find your section in this list.
  • A team is a group of individuals competing. In a climate challenge, teams compete against other teams within a specified section. If you see a dropdown asking you to ‘choose team’, you can expect to find your team in this list.

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