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Climate data FAQ
How do you calculate my consumption habits?
For now, in calculations, it’s assumed that all income is spent in some way. If you spend money paying down a loan or put them into a savings account, it’s probable that the money is still used. We are still working on concepts for tracking money use on a monthly basis because the impact of consumption habits is so essential.
What does public emissions mean?

Public emissions are currently divided into all inhabitants in Norway as we all benefit from our public sector. The emissions are divided into municipalities, counties, and national levels. There is a possibility to expand this emission data to reflect the climate footprint of your local municipality based on where you live.

Probably, the most effective way to impact public emissions is to vote for politicians that put climate and environment on the top of their list. This is because it’s politicians and public workers that can reduce your part of public emissions.

Why is average carbon footprint at Ducky and the Norwegian government so different?

The simple explanation is that The Norwegian Government ( uses territorial climate data, which means that they calculate greenhouse gas per capita based on what we release within Norway’s borders. This is generally the way all countries report on climate emissions today.

The difference in numbers is mainly because our calculations are based on the consumer-perspective. This means that we include emissions from products and services we buy, but are emitted in other countries. As individuals we have great purchasing power, and what we buy today is mostly produced in other countries. By allocating global emissions to people you are able to ensure individual power of everyday choice and habit.

Challenge FAQ
I want to sign up for a challenge, how do I get an invitation code?

Challenges on Ducky are created by companies and organisations. If you are part of a company hosting a challenge, the project leader at your company should have the codes for you and your team to participate.

Do you want to start a new challenge in your business? Please contact us.

I’m a team leader and I want to sign my team up for the challenge. How do I get the codes?
Depending on whether the challenge is public or private, codes will be distributed accordingly. The project leader at your company should have the codes for your team to participate.
I am unable to access my challenge. What is wrong?

A few possible reasons why you are unable to join the challenge:

  • You are trying to access a private challenge for a company, school or organisation that you are not a part of.
  • The code you are trying, isn’t verified because it has already been used.
  • The challenge has ended. You have to join the challenge before the end date in order to get access.
Do I tick off activities I’ve done or haven’t done?

The objective of the environmental challenge is to reduce your CO2-emission, by ticking off the climate activities you have done. The statistics will show your reduction of CO2-emissions during your participation.

Every climate activity shows you the amount of CO2 saved by doing them. Logging them means that you add it to your total amount of saved KgCO2.

Can I share a challenge to social media?
Sure, you can share an active challenge on social media. Click on the icon on the challenge picture to see a preview of a prepared post to Facebook. You can add your own text to the post.
When is a new challenge coming?
Challenges are developed with new projects, both public and private challenges. When a new and public challenge is developed we will notify you by e-mail in advance, so that you can participate. Create a profile to be notified!
I participated in a challenge. How do you know if I won? Where are the winners announced?
Winners are contacted by hosting company, and will be announced on their chosen platform. In addition, you will receive an email from Ducky, summing up how the challenge evolved and ended.
I spent last weekend at my cabin, without electricity or running water. No internet either actually, so I couldn’t log on to Ducky to register my actions. What do I do?
Your weekend sounds amazing! Today, it’s only possible to backlog for the one previous day. Even though it’s not possible to log for all the days you’ve spent without electricity, we applaud your effort to stay climate friendly!
If I delete my profile, will I be removed from the challenge? And does it affect the average CO2 saved negatively?

A deleted user profile will become anonymous, but will currently still affect the CO2saving score in a challenge, even when deleted. The effect will be negative, as it represents a participant that is not registering any actions.

In current challenges participants can not be removed after joining, as all user history needs to be there for proper score calculations. We will look into what we can do to improve this in future challenges.

General FAQ
What are the supported browsers?
For your best experience we recommend using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox
Can I use Ducky on my mobile and tablet too?
Yes!! Download Ducky from your browser. There's no need to use any app store.
How do I unsubscribe to any of your mailing lists?
At the bottom of the emails you receive from Ducky, there is a button to unsubscribe. When pressing this button you’ll be taken to a new web page saying that you unsubscribed successfully. If you continue receiving emails after this: please contact us on and we will take you off the list.
I’ve experienced a technical error on, what do I do?
Send us an e-mail to containing the following information:
  • Can you explain to us step-by-step what you did when this happened and what the main problem is? What did you press and what happened?
  • Did you use PC, mobile, Ipad or any other device? What browser did you use? Did you save the web-app on your mobile home screen?
  • When did this happen? Date and time?
  • Did you try several times? And did it happen several times?
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