Ducky Will Launch a Chainlink Node to Bring Carbon Emissions Data Onto Leading Blockchains

Ducky Will Launch a Chainlink Node to Bring Carbon Emissions Data Onto Leading Blockchains

Ducky AS is excited to announce that we will soon launch our own official Chainlink node to make our carbon emissions data available on blockchains, supporting hybrid smart contracts that combine blockchains and external data to create data-driven applications.

Chainlink is a secure blockchain middleware that enables existing APIs to become easily compatible with blockchain networks. Through our Chainlink node, we can supply and sell premium carbon emissions data directly to hybrid smart contract applications, as well as cryptographically sign our data to prove it originated from Ducky without tampering.

We plan to use our Chainlink node to provide leading blockchains with country and regional emissions data, as well as data analytics that measure the carbon impact of singular consumer purchases. For example, measuring the carbon emissions of a whole city or the carbon emissions produced from a category of consumption vectors, such as food, travel or energy…

This data can then be used by hybrid smart contract developers to create new types of blockchain applications, including tokenized/NFT reward programs that encourage regional sustainability and gamified applications that incentivize lower individual carbon footprints.

Helping people reduce emissions

Ducky is a leader in sustainability monitoring and carbon emissions tracking, with a mission to change the outcome of climate change by changing the way we live.  We help cities, companies, and institutions shape their green strategies and reduce their carbon footprint by providing premium carbon emissions data and data analytics.

One of our premium offerings is consumer purchase emissions tracking, which allows corporations and individuals to measure the carbon footprint of their purchases, adding an important dimension to purchase behavior and consideration.

As part of Ducky’s remit to make people more aware of their CO2e emissions, and help them reduce, we recognized an opportunity to bring our data to hybrid smart contract applications. Most notably, our data can be used to help people take positive climate actions or offset their carbon emitting activities directly within applications.

However, blockchains cannot call external APIs—a problem commonly known as the blockchain oracle problem—limiting hybrid smart contract applications from getting key data sets.

Chainlink overcomes the oracle problem by offering an easily implementable oracle solution that fetches data from the outside world, validates and verifies the data, then delivers it directly into blockchains so it can be consumed by smart contracts. Some of the unique benefits of launching our own Chainlink node include: 

  • Data Signing – The Chainlink node cryptographically signs every piece of data broadcast on-chain from our API, preventing man-in-the-middle attacks and increasing its reliability in automating contract outcomes. 
  • Blockchain Agnostic – The Chainlink node is blockchain-agnostic, providing us with a single gateway to sell data to any current and future blockchain.
  • Large Market – Chainlink is the industry standard oracle solution in the smart contract economy, providing us with the largest and fastest growing market of potential data consumers.
  • Secure Infrastructure – Chainlink is thoroughly audited open-source software that collectively secures tens of billions of dollars in value on mainnet, proving its ability to protect and trigger the movement of real economic value.

By bringing Ducky data to blockchains through Chainlink, we can help spawn a variety of new blockchain-based applications around sustainable carbon emissions, such as government incentive programs, environmental rebates, application reward programs, optional offsets, and multitudes of other use cases yet to be conceived.

“By launching a Chainlink node, we will be able to seamlessly connect our existing API infrastructure to leading blockchains, opening up new revenue streams for our company and creating opportunities for innovative blockchain-based programs that reduce carbon emissions,” stated Mads Simonsen, co-founder of Ducky. “We’re excited to explore more deeply how external data feeds through our Chainlink node can power hybrid smart contract incentive programs around sustainability, helping us achieve our mission of positive social change through a more sustainable planet.”

About Chainlink

Chainlink is the industry standard oracle network for powering hybrid smart contracts. Chainlink Decentralized Oracle Networks provide developers with the largest collection of high-quality data sources and secure off-chain computations to expand the capabilities of smart contracts on any blockchain.

Managed by a global, decentralized community, Chainlink currently secures billions of dollars in value for smart contracts across decentralized finance (DeFi), insurance, gaming, and other major industries.

Chainlink is trusted by hundreds of organizations, from global enterprises to projects at the forefront of the blockchain economy, to deliver definitive truth via secure, reliable oracle networks.

To learn more about Chainlink, visit and subscribe to the Chainlink newsletter. To understand the full vision of the Chainlink Network, read the Chainlink 2.0 whitepaper. Want to discuss an integration? Talk to an expert.

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Nigel Powell

International Relations Director, Ducky AS

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