Customer Success Team
Want to be part of our customer success team in Oslo?
Ducky is a fast growing team of passionate people focused on tackling climate change and sustainable living. We produce a range of digital tools and processes which inspire behaviour change and long term engagement in the issues facing our world. We work closely with some of the most prestigious partners and research organizations in the world, and have companies like IKEA, ING and Ruter on our client list.
Your job will be to follow up our customers and make sure they get the best Ducky experience and thereby significantly create climate impact.

Is this you:

  A team player - that really enjoys collaborating with others that has different skill-set than you.
 Genuinely engaged in sustainability and climate action.
  Some experience with sales and customer service.
  Know how to operate in a CRM system and/or a helpdesk.
 Love to make an extra effort to ensure a happy customer.
 Excellent communication skills.
 Intrigued to work in a company where we are all leaders working towards a common purpose.
 Excited to be part of a start-up company with global opportunities, meaning you can handle chaos, stress and uncertainty.

Tasks and responsibilities:

  You can follow up large demanding customers who want to maximize the effect of a Ducky tools.
  You will be a link between demanding customers and our development team to ensure that we deliver the right services based on a real customer need.
 You will follow-up both smal larger customers to ensure we can increase our climate impact. 
• You will work with our chat support
• You will communicate with our customers and set up the Ducky tools according to their needs.
• You will be part of setting up and grow a professional support and customer success team


What we can offer:

  A flexible and engaging workplace
  13 co-workers that are forward leaning and bold. 
 A work environment where we believe in you - both as an expert and a human!
  Meaningful tasks and cutting-edge technology. 
  High possibility of influencing how we go forward. be a part of building up a customer success team.
  Personal development within the field of sustainability. 
  Flexible work time and place - you work when you work best.
  We strive to reach a 6,5 hour workday and a healthy work/life balance
 Equal and good salary, pension, insurance, holliday agreements for all employees.
  You become a leader and can influence significantly how we operate. 
  You will work for a non-profit where we all work for the same vision of contributing for a sustainable humanity.


Learn more about our organizational structure here: Ducky Organization, and read our handbook on that same page.

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