Climate Data API

Help your customers choose sustainably at the decision point

Raise awareness
Make climate information easy and accessible, creating both aware and loyal customers.
Build your brand
Help your customers choose better products or services, making sustainability part of your brand.
Flexible solutions
A robust, scalable and flexible integration makes it easy to get up and running with our climate data.
Specialised Climate Data on your website
Incorporate our carbon footprint calculator on your website, tailored to the categories where your organization makes an impact.
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Promote Sustainable Choices
Give your customers relevant climate data when they make their decisions. Do it while documenting the positive impact of your services!
Visualise Customer Impact
Ducky provides a range of simple visualizations explaining emissions in a clear manner. These can be applied to any CO₂ numbers on your website, informing and educating your visitors.
Customer Success
IKEA used Ducky climate data to boost awareness and engagement in the Start Home Campaign.
IKEA - Start Home Campaign
IKEA helped customers make sustainable choices and reduce their household footprint by using Ducky’s services.
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Increase in customers nationwide who consider IKEA as a sustainability company.
Increase in customers nationwide who think IKEA helps them make more sustainable choices.
Increase in customers nationwide who would recommend IKEA's sustainable solutions to others.
The campaign was conducted by Ducky in collaboration with Trigger. Survey results by TNS Gallup and M-Brain, for IKEA.
Feature by feature
Which capabilities are available?
Climate data
Based on Leading Research
Our data and calculations have been developed in collaboration with world-leading researchers on climate data.
Monthly license fee
Get unlimited access to our climate data through a monthly subscription.
Running a campaign?
Use our tools to emphasize the impact and the message.
Personalize your message
Use simple input from your users to personalize content and make it relevant.
Statistics and tracking
Learn about your customers
Test out new business models to a targeted audience.
Ready to get started?
Get started with the Climate Challenge, or get in touch with us to learn more about your options.
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