Ducky for business

Take advantage of your green ROI

Build culture

Engage your team with meaningful, fun and simple actions to boost productivity and knowledge.

Reach goals

Collaborate on small improvements every day to reach both financial and sustainability goals.

Create opportunities

Share success stories, and build sustainability into your brand to create new business opportunities.

Engage colleagues

Join your team in a Climate Challenge to save the most CO₂ emissions and make sustainability part of your culture.

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Continuous improvement

Combine visualizations of your results with targeted surveys to measure change and see how you are progressing towards your goals.

Lead customers

Use our climate data on your website to motivate your customers toward more sustainable choices.

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Feature by feature

What’s included in the Ducky toolkit?


Easy-to-do actions

Simple and highly effective actions for you to take on in your everyday life.

Compete in teams

Work together against other teams and see who can reduce their carbon footprint the most.

See the bigger picture

Gain insights into how numerous small initiatives can make large environmental impact.

Insights into each activity

See how much CO₂ can be saved with each climate activity, and learn why they are important.

Simple visualisations

Get knowledge about emission and CO₂ savings, with simple visualizations everyone can understand.

Immediate feedback

Follow the progress of the competition LIVE with real-time visualisations.

Customized actions

Want to focus on particular themes or activities? We’ll help you customize actions suited to your needs.

Quick and easy setup

Just decide on the number of teams and participants you want. No more admin work, we’ll do the rest.


Simple is beautiful

Our reports are made for anyone to understand.

Compare your teams

Our reports makes it easy to compare teams, departments and geographical locations.

Document the progress

Combine challenge data with surveys to measure the progress toward meeting climate strategy goals in your organization.

Why this works

Our tools are built on research

It’s social

The Climate Challenge is social. Teaming up to try out new habits makes changing both fun and easy!

Signals on your behaviour

See progress when it happens! Real-time data updates you whenever there’s progress on your team!

Learn by doing

Learning about climate actions and testing them out at the same time allows you to absorb knowledge faster.

Meaningful actions

Carrying out actions for the greater good is meaningful, making us proud of our workplace.

Step by step

Real lifestyle change starts with small steps. Adopt new habits one small step at the time.

Influence by action

Our attitudes are reflected by those we identify with, making our everyday teams the perfect starting point for change.

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