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IKEA, Volvo, Ruter, Norconsult and Eplehuset have done it. What about you?
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Why Ducky?

Vi kan klimadata og bærekraft

We give you a green boost with tools based on climate data from Asplan Viak and NTNU.

Vi utvikler avanserte klimakalkulatorer (API)

Our advanced climate calculators calculate indirect emissions from consumption – Norwegians’ personal footprint.

Vi engasjerer og motiverer mennesker med vårt kampanjeverktøy

With motivated and inspired employees, your company will have a head start in the green shift.

Some of our satisfied customers

These companies have already used Ducky as part of their climate strategy




trondelag fylkeskommune




How does it work?

Ducky offers a web-app: A team-based competition for employees and their customers. The goal is to change habits, encourage green behavior and cut emissions. 

Provides important insights

Start with insight

What do your employees know about CO2e?

Our surveys give you answers, both before and after the campaign, about attitudes, awareness and knowledge about CO2e.



Invite for competition

For the next 2 weeks employees compete in teams to live most sustainable.

Through easy, everday actions, they cut CO2e and receive concrete numbers on what their lifestyle costs in actual emissions.

Team competition
Communicate and make visible

Make the competition visible

You get embedded real-time data with top lists on the company’s website or internal communication channels.

You also get a live screen that can be used on screens in common areas.


Some highlights so far




kgs of CO2e saved


climate activities logged

What fits your company best?

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Up to 200 participants
50.000 Kr
  • 2 week team challenge
  • Live screen with real-time data
  • Access to tips for great content and awards
  • Introduction course (1-2 hours)
  • End report
  • User support



200+ participants?
Talk to us
  • 2 week team challenge
  • Unlimited number of participants
  • Live screen and iFrame widget
  • Workshops and team activities
  • Onboarding of project leaders
  • Access to advisors and experts in Ducky
  • End report and way forward
  • User support

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Nigel Powel
Advisor Ducky