The Ducky Story

Meet our team and learn about our journey.

Why we started

In 2014, climate frustration reached an all time high among several of us, as we were seeing no signs of real leadership among our politicians or the majority of our companies. So, we looked into how we as individuals could fight climate change. What we found was truly inspiring!

Yes, it does matter what we do as individuals – when we come together and work towards the same goal. Teaming up with leading experts in climate data and climate psychology, we prototyped Ducky – a tool that can nudge people towards sustainability.

Working from the inspiring tech-and-innovation hub of Trondheim in Norway, we’re trying every day to make it easier for individuals, organisations, businesses, schools and politicians to take on sustainable actions and kick-start the green shift.

Meet our team

In six years, our nest has grown to hold a broad range of highly skilled and motivated co-workers who complement each other’s personalities, backgrounds, culture and experience.

Nathan Bird

SCUBA diver & SUPER developer

Web developer and passionate environmental volunteer. His deep knowledge of computer engineering and dedicated structured team work expertise are a key part of what makes the Ducky web platform so effective. Nathan manages our stack strategy and operation, ensuring quick and reliable delivery and a positive atmosphere. He enjoys afternoon walks by the river and is also a certified SCUBA diver! A bit of a water baby!

Jake Hill

Worlds-end traveler & Front-end developer

This guy has been around! His varied life has included living and working on farms in Australia, New Zealand and Southeast Asia! Among the Ducky fellowship, there’s no doubt Jake is our Frodo. He owns a combo of skills one can only wish for! Jake is our quiz-master, juggler, bartender, environmental activist, volunteer, the guy with “exotic eastern pants”, awesome communicator and finally – the man with our front-end plan!.

Johannes Andersen

Multimedia, euphonium & IT virtuoso

Johannes is one of our software developers, as well as a fine euphonium player and musician. He works with web development, data visualizations, software architecture and infrastructure. He is also a long standing member of the award winning symphonic wind orchestra Musikkforeningen Nidarholm – one of the best amateur orchestras in Norway!

Tanguy Vaessen

Monsieur initiative

Thanks to Tanguy, Ducky’s main principles of being Teal, sustainable and transparent are put into practice every day. He is a man of action. Ex youth leader, with plenty of useful skills for having fun in the forest. Tanguy is a hiker and a hugger. In Ducky, he is all about IT and Cloud infrastructure. As one of our backend developers, Tanguy helps deliver the base on which our platform runs. He holds a Masters degree in Computer Science, Network and Security, and he constantly inspires his other team members! As a matter of fact his favorite song is “Don’t stop me now” by Queen.

Silje Solberg

UX & concept builder

Silje manages our UX design, concept development and business strategy. Having hands-on experience in working with different customers, she is responsible for any adaptation of Ducky products and services to customer needs. Silje keeps full oversight of our project processes. In her spare time, she loves to build and make things, from bathrooms and tables to sweaters and delicious blueberry jams!

Johan Eilertsen

The visualizer

Johan is a most exquisite blend of interaction and service designer. Always pushing the boundaries of what we can deliver. Always asking questions to take us from being merely good – to exceptional! Johan is our critical thinker, the spark in the room which lights the fire. And what a glorious fire it is!! Oh, and if you ever need to know about just about anything, this guy is a living encyclopedia. Take that Google!

Hollie Titcomb-Day

The queen of visuals

Give her some words and numbers and you’ll get illustrations that will touch your soul! Hollie is all about drawing, painting, birds and plants! No wonder she works in Ducky! Thanks to her educational fine arts background, she gives Ducky the fine visual distinction it craves. One of her main tasks is to work with UI design, maximising our platform usability and user experience. Her main life goals were to get a purposeful job abroad, that doesn’t feel like a job. And as she said it herself, she has reached these goals already! Hollie’s favourite climate activity is eating vegetarian.

Parth Garg

Parth Garg

The king of experience!

User experience, that is. Parth is ‘The man with a child in his eyes’, to quote Kate Bush for a moment. Always playful, always full of ideas and fresh thinking about how Ducky software affects our users. He once wanted to become a Jedi master. He didn’t end up far from it. Parth brings his ‘eagle eye’ to our tools and invisibly and effortlessly improves the user experience. He is proud of two major achievements in his life. A masters degree in Product Service System Design, and the title of a life-long vegetarian! Parth is a Beatles fan who enjoys sunny days, gelato, concerts and board games. We’re glad he’s now part of our Norwegian Wood!

Mads Simonsen

Mads Simonsen

Yoga-Climate man!

+ 47 975 51 576

Mads is our climate data maestro, standing behind all the figures. He loves to hug, climb and sleep under the stars. He has a rich experience in workshop management, sustainability and concept/product development, both on major and smaller projects. With the logic of an engineer and the awareness of a yoga devotee, Mads delivers superb solutions for environmental strategy and sustainability communication. He’s never a down dog in our book!

Molly Bazilchuk

Ducky’s ultrarunner

Both in real life and metaphorically speaking! She is resilient, fast and always equipped with some extra energy and wisdom in her tank. Molly is Ducky’s climate footprint calculator guardian. She researches and verifies our climate data and ensures it’s world class and trustworthy. Do you want to know how to organize, distill and communicate complex technical information? Ask Molly! Her passion is about using her own power. That’s why she loves running, biking, skiing, but also writing exceptional research proposals. Thanks to her PhD background, Molly’s ‘academic pen’ delivers high quality applications for funding and networking opportunities between Ducky and academia.

Bogdan Glogovac

Bogdan Glogovac

Storyteller & Eco-expert

+47 463 74 435

Bogdan is an expert in environmental communication. He has an environmental science background and particularly strong communication skills, honed through six years of media experience, Bogdan is an indispensable resource for the promotion of Ducky. His mission is to be out there as a networking face of our projects and mission. He opens the door to finding and converting major organisations into customers. Bogdan is a member of an improvisation theater group in Trondheim. He’s really funny too!!

Samar Albarghouthi

The Ducky doctor of empathy

Our very own PhD in Social & Health Psychology. Samar verifies our data sources and researches topics within the fields of psychology and climate engagement. She also holds responsibility for large scale campaign management, customer engagement and partnerships building. As if that wasn’t enough, she can also prepare a literal feast of delicious MIddle Eastern food with no drama. And did we mention she sings like an angel? Samar’s passion is helping people, and she ensures that Ducky never lacks the compassion and mindfulness we need to succeed. Her favorite quote: “empathy is a special way of coming to know another and yourself”.

Alice Lignereux

Ducky’s reliable angel

Sit back, relax and let Alice take the strain away. She’ll look after you. Alice works with customer success/support. But this is far from all, because she also runs Ducky campaigns as a project leader, taking care of all the internal processes that ensure success. She comes with a Master’s degree in Climate Change Adaptation, and is writing her own novel – while cooking French cuisine and playing video games! Finally, Alice is a big Tolkien fan and just like Frodo, she always takes responsibility no matter how challenging a task. No wonder her favorite line is: “ I will take the ring, though I do not know the way.”

Miyuki Monty

Miyuki Monty

Ducky’s sharp cookie!

And take this phrase for real here! Not only is Miyuki an outstanding cook, but she also has the ability to detect any bogus interactions and throw them away, like the wind whips up dust from the ground. At the same time Miyuki is the one who takes the wind of business opportunities and sets sail with them in full force. Her environmental masters, mixed with her startup experience and animal activism, make her a unique asset for any company. Throw in some expert coaching and non-violent communication expertise with a dash of contagious laughter and wow. She is the true saucier of Ducky culture!

Ingrid Ustad

Ducky’s guardian of trust

Ingrid is our very own customer success master. Her calm and structured method always find the best way to solve customer concerns. She is able to handle and solve cross disciplinary issues no matter what professional sector our Ducky customers have. With her top class intellect, Ingrid combines an acute sense of art and culture on one side and business management on the other. Ingrid is into music festivals, plants, hiking and checking off to-do-lists. Her favourite Ducky activity is spending her money on experiences rather than things.

Enrique Ruz Gamboa

Our amazing resource

+47 486 86 257

Enrique brings a big smile and an even bigger energy to the office every day. He is an industrial ecology masters graduate at NTNU, and his master thesis concluded in an Evaluation of Eco-labels for SMB’s in Nature-based destinations.  When asked about his motivation to join Ducky, he shared that: ‘Ducky’s unique approach based on education and engagement tools inspire me every day and motivates me to contribute to and continue to be a part of this wonderful company, which I now can call my second home’. He has broad, international work experience. And guess what? Enrique speaks not one, not two, but FOUR languages!

Nigel Powell

The voice of Ducky

An indispensable influencer, writer and customer relations expert. Nigel obviously has some connection with Dr Who since he manages to be everywhere at the same time. He manages Ducky’s international business opportunities, despite not speaking any other language than London. He’s known to be persistent, annoyingly positive and a glass half full kind of joker. Just ask his colleagues in a Ducky sales or network meeting. He’s also trying to live down an earlier career as a columnist with the Sunday Times newspaper in London. Dr Who? More like Dr How!

Lene Thuseth

Lene Ludvigsen

Creating system in the chaos

Meet Lene, who’s passion lies in designing solutions that enhances people’s lives. She is a graphic designer, a UI-designer, an interaction designer, a digital designer… but most of all: she designs experiences. Both her design style and way of working is more tidy than most, with a regime of lists, tasks and sheets to keep everything organised. When she’s not designing or organising, she lives the quiet life on the country-side of Norway together with her three cats, where she tries to become a hobby gardener in between her gaming sessions.

Vu Nguyen Thai

Vu Nguyen Thai

Design + Development = optimal user experience

Vu is a designer and front-end developer, that enjoys solving design problems, creating smart UI, and developing interactive web/mobile applications. And when he’s not working, he spends his time outside. Exploring, hiking, camping, planting, taking photos. You name it! “Even the smallest person can change the course of the future.” – This is Vu’s favorite quote from Lord of the Rings. Every one of us can help limit global warming and take care of our planet, by changing our habits and making choices that have less harmful effects on the environment. 

Linda Liberg

Linda Liberg

Our dynamite marketing expert

She loves to climb high and ain’t scared of pushing the limits. We are lucky she brought her energy into the team and she has already taken our marketing to another level. Why did she want to be part of our adventure? She said it inspires her to: ‘work for a company that is so committed to change – that truly wants to make a difference for humanity’. Linda has over 15 years of experience in delivering strategic marketing communication and is skilled in brand strategy, media, consumer trends and team development – providing high quality information and actionable advice!

Anders Holm

Anders Holm

The Sales Guru!

+ 47 952 19 813

With extensive experience in communication, technology and sustainability, Anders is personally driven by supporting and guiding people, companies and institutions to combine green business with profitable returns. Both as a leader and as a person, it’s safe to say that Anders genuinely cares about people. He listens and gives honest feedback and good advice. He maintains his cool under pressure, and spreads positivity and motivation to both customers and our team in any situation. When he’s not following up with our customers, Anders likes to read everything from sustainability to political science, socializing and meeting people, exercising and enjoying good food!

Haakon Skar

The Network Man!

+ 47 926 47 839

Perhaps the finest Ducky influencer! Haakon has impacted so many organizations, in so many key positions around Europe, USA and Asia. His default mode features a careful silent thoughtfulness. He’s the go-to guy when you need deep dive business experience and careful advice. When Ducky falls into silence and thinking, it is Haakon who will speak up first. He is a living example of following Simon Sinek’s book “Start With Why” – always finding purpose and showing a strategic way forward. Haakon nourishes customer relationships and partners. Simply put: “The Force is strong with this one”. No wonder he is a huge Stars Wars fan!

Sam Perrin

Sam Perrin

Ducky’s resident ecologist and data analyst

Meet Sam, who joined Ducky at the start of February as one of our data analysts. Originally from Melbourne, Australia, Sam has been living in Norway for the last 5 years, completing his PhD on the effects of climate change on Scandinavian lakes and rivers. His favorite climate activity is writing (as well as being a passionate vegetarian chef). Sam is an avid science communicator and runs the blog Ecology for the Masses, where he and a team of international writers break down the world of biodiversity and ecology for the general public.

Gunelie Winum

Gunelie Winum

Ducky’s sustainability expert

With more than 20 years of experience with sustainability and responsible business conduct, Gunelie knows the strong need for concrete tools, resources and actions. Working today to engage both the public and private sector, she is creative, strategic, open and great at engaging people. She is not a quitter! Some of her favorite climate activities? Eating delicious veggie food as often as she can, picking blueberries and second-hand shopping. Gunelie’s dream is to co-create a sustainable community living for people across generations.



Happiness ‘pawfficer’

At Ducky, it is all about happiness. And paws! We have a special paw-unit for maintaining happiness inside our working spaces, but also outside, wherever we might go! Having the most experience, Ziggy is the head of our Paw Unit with special skills to eat a lot, bark and show her belly to be cuddled. Ziggy knows ancient techniques of cuddle relaxation and she usually offers her sweet head for short term scratch, or (again) her belly, if you are more into the longer calming experience. Her nickname is also Ziggy the Crepe Thief! If you want to know why she is called that, feel free to make some crepes in her company.

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