The Ducky Story
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Why we started

In 2014, climate frustration reached an all time high among several of us, as we were seeing no signs of real leadership among our politicians or the majority of our companies. So, we looked into how we as individuals could fight climate change. What we found was truly inspiring!

Yes, it does matter what we do as individuals - when we come together and work towards the same goal. Teaming up with leading experts in climate data and climate psychology, we prototyped Ducky - a tool that can nudge people towards sustainability.

Working from the inspiring tech-and-innovation hub of Trondheim in Norway, we're trying every day to make it easier for individuals, organisations, businesses, schools and politicians to take on sustainable actions and kick-start the green shift.

Meet our team
Over our three-year journey, our nest has grown to hold a broad range of highly skilled and motivated co-workers who complement each other's personalities, backgrounds, culture and experience.
Johannes Andersen
Multimedia, euphonium & IT virtuoso

A multitalent being our front-end developer and multimedia expert, as well as euphonist and musician. He is working on dynamic data visualizations, data analysis, frontend and multimedia, but he is also a member of awarded symphonic wind orchestra Nidarholm, one of the best amateur bands in Norway!

Nathan Bird
SCUBA diver & SUPER developer
Web developer and passionate environmental volunteer. His knowledge in computer engineering and his team work abilities are instrumental for the Ducky web platform development. Nathan is in charge with quick and reliable delivery, positive atmosphere and afternoon walks by the river. He is also a certified SCUBA diver!
Jake Hill
World-end traveler & Front-end developer
This guy has been around! He lived and worked in farms of Australia, New Zealand and Southeast Asia! Among the Ducky fellowship, there’s no doubt Jake is our Frodo. He owns a combo of skills one can only wish for! Jake is our quiz-master, juggler, bartender, environmental activist, volunteer, the guy with “exotic eastern pants”, great communicator and finally: our junior front-end developer.
Mads Simonsen
Yoga man & product developer
Mads is our climate data man, standing behind all the figures. He loves to hug, climb and sleep under the open sky. He has rich experience in workshop management, sustainability and concept/product development, both on major and smaller projects. Having the structure of an engineer, yet the flexibility of a yoga devotee, Mads delivers great solutions for environmental strategy and sustainability communication consulting.
Bogdan Glogovac
Storyteller & Eco-expert
Bogdan is an expert in environmental communication. With relevant educational background and particularly strong communication skills, honed through six years of media experience, Bogdan is an indispensable resource for the promotion of Ducky. His mission is to be out there and network with all the relevant stakeholders. He creates possibilities for getting and turning big clients into customers. Bogdan is a member of an improvisation theater group in Trondheim.
Silje Solberg
UX & concept builder
Silje is managing UX design, concept development and business strategy. Having a hands-on experience in working with different customers, she is responsible for adaptation of Ducky products and services to customer’s needs. Silje is keeping full oversight of project processes. In her spare time, she loves to build and make things, from bathrooms and tables to sweaters and blueberry jams!
Johan Eilertsen
The visualizer
The most exquisite interaction and service designer, working also at EGGS Design - the leading design studio in Norway. Always pushing the boundaries of what we can deliver. Always asking questions that bring us from being good – to exceptional! Johan is our critical thinker. And the best solution deliverer! Oh, and if you ever wonder about anything really, this guy is a living encyclopedia!
Aina Nesmoen
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Mona Sprenger
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Ingrid Ustad
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Samar Albarghouthi
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Nigel Powell
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Hollie Titcomb-Day
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Tanguy Vaessen
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Miyuki Monty
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Molly Bazilchuk
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